Toro Power Shovel

Toro Power Shovel If you are tired of spending hours with that old snow shovel clearing the snow from your driveway and sidewalks, then consider giving the Toro Power Shovel a try.  It has a 7.5 amp electric motor that can handle a 6 inch deep by 12 inch wide snowfall with each pass.

It can throw that snow up to a distance of 20 feet, and can move up to 300 pounds of snow per minute.  Just try doing that with a traditional snow shovel!

Shoveling snow the old way can really take a toll on the body.  It is a highly physical activity, and it is no surprise that heart attacks occur each year as a result of it.  There is a better way.  With the Power Shovel, you can clear a four inch snow fall from a standard 50 foot long by 20 foot wide driveway in approximately 20 minutes.

The Toro 38361 is light weight.  It weighs in at only 12.5 pounds, so you can be assured that it will be easy to handle.  Since it is a light weight piece of equipment, it can be easily hung on the garage wall for storage when not in use.  This is an ideal solution for areas of the country that receive frequent, but not massive snow falls.

The Toro Power Shovel is ergonomically designed.  It has a telescoping handle that will let you adjust it to fit your height.  If different people use this snow thrower, the height can be easily adjusted by turning a knob on the handle.
It uses a push drive system in combination with Toro’s Poly V-Belt Auger Drive system to throw the snow as you propel it forward.  Best of all, the 38361 runs purely on electricity.  With a standard outdoor electrical cable plugged into any outdoor outlet, you can be up and running in seconds.  This is an environmentally friendly solution that won’t pollute the air with carbon emissions, like the gas-powered blowers do.  There is zero maintenance required, no adding gasoline, and no changing oil.  This is an inexpensive snow thrower to own, operate, and maintain.

Toro is a well known company that you can count on being around for years to come.  They are a leader in outdoor lawn and garden equipment and manufacture popular electric snow throwers.  They are backing the Power Shovel with a full two year warranty, so you can be reassured that your investment is protected.  It is hard to really call this an investment though, because you can purchase a Toro 38361 today for under $100.00, and get it shipped to your for Free.  They are available now at a 34% discount from list prices.
So stop struggling with that old snow shovel this year, and consider letting an electric Toro Power Shovel do the work for you.

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Greenworks 26012

Greenworks 26012 So you are tired of shoveling snow each year, but you don’t really get enough annual snow fall to justify purchasing a snow blower?  Well, the Greenworks 26012 might just be the perfect tool for you.  It is an electric snow thrower that is very comparable to the popular Toro Power Shovel, except that it cost a bit less.

The 26012 has a 7 amp electric motor that is capable of clearing a 12 inch path through snow depths of up to 4 inches.  It has the power to throw the snow up to 20 feet away, with its 2600 RPM blade.

At just 14.5 pounds, this electric snow thrower is easy to handle and simple to store.  It is light enough that it can easily be hung on the garage wall for storage when not in use.

To use this blower, you simple hold the handles (just like you would hold a grass trimmer) and allow it to rest on the ground.  As you squeeze the power switch, you propel the blower forward into the snow.  The blades will cut into the snow and throw it in the direction that you are pointing the snow blower in.  It is pretty simple.

Even more simple is the fact that you just need to plug in an electrical cable and you are ready to go.  This is a maintenance-free snow blower that runs purely on electricity.  There is no engine maintenance, and no need to add gasoline or change oil.

The 26012 can be picked up for under $80.00 and you can usually find free shipping on this model.  It usually ships in just one day, so if you need a blower snow blower quickly for that approaching snow storm, this is an easy one to get fast.
With a 4 out of 5 star customer rating, the Greenworks 26012 has the same consumer rating as the more expensive Toro 38361.  The 4 year warranty offered by Greenworks will give you peace of mind that you are purchasing a product that is built to last.

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Greenworks 26022

Greenworks 26022 If you are looking for an electric snow thrower that is both inexpensive and compact, then take a closer look at the Greenworks 26022.  This 9 amp electric blower can cut a 16 inch path through the snow and has a clearing depth of 6 inches deep.  It will throw snow up to 25 feet, giving you the ability to clear your driveway with little effort.

At just 26 pounds, it is easy to handle and can even be hung on the garage wall for storage.

One of the biggest benefits of an electric snow thrower is that they don’t come with the maintenance that is required with gas-powered snow blowers.  There is no adding of gas, no checking and changing oil, and no taking it to the mechanic for service.  Since it has an electric motor as opposed to an engine, you also won’t be releasing carbon emissions into the environment.  It is very environmentally friendly and much more quiet than a gas snow blower.

The Greenworks 26022 carries that same 4 year warranty that is offered on the larger Greenworks 26032.  So your purchase is protected for much longer than other brands of snow blowers for normal consumer usage.

The 26022 also has an adjustable handle bar, that will allow you to select the most comfortable of three different positions.  The rubber grip on the handle bar will provide great comfort during use, and the built in cord lock will ensure that your electrical cord stays in place and out of the way.

At around $120.00 (with Free Shipping included), the Greenworks 26022 won’t break the bank.  This snow thrower carries a 3.5 out of 5 star rating.  For an inexpensive piece of equipment, you can expect a wide range of consumer expectations.  The only real complaint about this model is that is can be difficult to move forward.  This issue is was common amongst the lowest reviews that it received, and brought the overall rating down.  It does require downward force to propel it forward, so we recommend that you experiment with the different handle bar positions available to find the one that best suits you.

The positive comments that this blower received all state that it worked great at clearing snow, especially light and fluffy snow.  Users have commented that it was a big time saver, and it easily handled their driveway and walkways.

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Greenworks 26032

Greenworks 26032 The Greenworks 26032 is an electric snow blower, and an excellent alternative to environmentally unfriendly gas powered blowers. The Greenworks line of snow throwers are quickly gaining popularity thanks to their 4 Year Warranty and their desire to provide double the industry standard for quality.

The 12 amp motor can be powered by any standard external electrical socket. It has the power to throw snow up to 20 feet away, and can cut a 20 inch path through the snow with each pass. It is capable of handling snowfalls up to 10 inches deep, which makes this a great option for most parts of the country.

The Greenworks 26032 weighs a little more than its competitors, the Toro 38381 and the WORX WG650. Although at 37 pounds, it is still an easily manageable piece of equipment.

You will love the ergonomic design. The handle bar is adjustable, which will allow you to set it at one of three different positions to find the one that is most comfortable for you. The rubber grip on the handle bar will provide comfort during use, and a built-in cord lock will keep your electrical cord secure and out of the way.

Since this is an electric snow thrower, you will enjoy the benefits of it being maintenance -free. You won’t need to worry about adding gas or checking oil levels. Annual engine maintenance is a thing of the past and will be an excellent time saver. The 26032 is an environmentally friendly solution since there are no carbon emissions released, like with gas powered blowers.

An adjustable chute allows you to control the direction that the snow is being thrown in. It swings 180 degrees. The large 8 inch wheels make this model easy to control.
In the box you get, the 26032 itself, a small rubber shovel, and an owners manual. You also get the chute deflector and the directional control for the deflector. There will be some assembly required, but it is pretty simple. The directions are easy to follow.

One of the best selling features of the 26032 is its 4 year warranty for normal home use. So you can ensure that your investment is protected.
The Greenworks 26032 20 inch electric snow thrower carries a 4.4 out of 5 user rating, which makes it highly recommended. At around $230.00 and Free Shipping deals available, this is an excellent choice for the money.

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Toro 38381 Electric Snow Thrower

Toro 38381 If you are in the market for a powerful snow blower, but don’t want to incur the steep cost associated with the gas powered models, then take a looks at the Toro 1800 Power Curve.

This electric snow blower has a powerful 15 amp motor that is capable of cutting a path through the snow 18 inches wide.  It can handle snow up to 12 inches deep, and will throw the snow as far as 30 feet.  It has a one piece curved rotor with two blades.  The Toro Power Curve 1800 is powerful enough to move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute.  Just try doing that with your standard snow shovel!

It has an adjustable snow chute controlled by a lever that allows you to control the direction that you throw the snow.  You have the ability to move the chute 160 degrees.  It is simple to operate.

You will love the ergonomic handle for its comfort, and the large 6 inch wheels that offer more traction. Weighing in at only 25 pounds, the Toro 38381 is easy to transport and store as well.  The handle folds down to allow it to be stored in a compact space. It costs a little more than the WORX WG650, but has a little more power.

This is an eco-friendly snow blower.  Since it runs off of electricity, there is no gas and no oil required.  That equates to no emissions as well.  You won’t have to worry about the engine maintenance that comes with traditional gas-powered snow blowers.

The setup is super simple.  Once out of the box, it will take you about 5 minutes to attach the handle and levers.  All you need to do then is plug it in, and you are ready to start throwing some snow!

Toro recommends that you do not use an extension cord over 150 feet.  If using a 100 ft extension cord, it should have a minimum wire gauge (A.W.G.) of 14.  For a 150 ft extension cord, the minimum A.W.G. should be 12.  You can see our recommended extension cords here:  Electric Snow Blower Extension Cords.

You can watch the following video of the Toro 38381 in action, so you can see what it can do.

You should read the safety instructions included in the manual before getting started though.  The manual is short and sweet and gets right to the point.

In the box, you get the 1800 Power Curve blower, the parts for assembly, and an operator’s manual.  You also get the peace of mind of a 2 year warranty, so you know that your investment in it will be protected.

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